Debate Values

Update: I was working on an organization called All Angles but before I got too far I found out that there were many organizations already out there working on productive debate, The world did not need a new organization. The world needs more cooperation. I have joined the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation. Below are the values I wanted in an organization:

  • a productive debate is better than avoiding differences
  • a debate will be more productive if we look at it from all angles
  • the success of a debate is measured by the positive impact on all involved.
  • the success of a debate is measured by the amount of truth revealed.
  • there are undiscovered productive ways to debate.
  • documentation and tools can make debate more productive
  • beliefs benefit from challenges

Did you notice that last one. I believe that beliefs benefit from challenges.  Each one of these beliefs should be scrutinized closely and each imperfection understood. they should be changed based on what we learn. They should be debated. Each new believe we document in the future should be tested in the same way. In the same way a dent in medieval armor would be proof that it could withstand a bullet so will debates on my beliefs be proof of their validity. Help me “Debate Proof” my beliefs by commenting below.