Improved Standing Desk

About a year ago I tried to make a standing desk. I ended up having to take it down because I couldn’t comfortably and safely fit my knees under it. I did discover that I liked the idea of having a standing desk. This year I finally got around to version 2.

I took some old stone steps I had and put my desk on them. For when I do get tired standing I have an old adjustable chair that can go very high and is just the right height. The stone work gives a good manly DIY feel. When I took this picture I had not swept up the dirt from outside where the stones were stored. You can tell by the paint that my home office is more function over form.

It really encourages standing because when you come to the desk it’s actually an inconvenience to sit down. It’s easier to just walk up and begin working. Hopefully it won’t be too easy to walk away.

Here is a close up of the stones so you can more easily see that the desk is now 11 inches above the floor.

Standing              Desk Closeup