Use Cases #1 – Friends Who Care

I am in the Dallas Startup slack channel and several people are helping me work through my ideas and user experience. They suggested I write up some use cases. Here is the first one.

Friends Who Care

James decides he is going to start a new type of diet that is becoming popular. Paul, his good friend, is concerned and begs him not to do it. He finds a few articles talking about the dangers of the diet. James responds with several articles explaining how the diet is safe and beneficial. They can not find a way to have a meaningful discussion on such a complex topic and it is straining their friendship.

James and Paul find a statement on about the safety of the new type of diet. They immediately see that the community has a high level of confidence in the safety of the new diet. Paul is skeptical, He looks over main statements and notices that one of the statements is that studies show that this diet is safe. Paul searches for a study that was in one of the articles he found. The study is there and the dispute to that study is that it was a small sample size and was for a short period of time. Paul reluctantly agrees that the study is not very strong of an argument.

In One Universe

He uses the search box to look for another study and it has not been added to the list. He adds the new information including a citation. Paul’s added information lowers the confidence of the statement that studies show that the diet is safe which changes the main statement’s score from high confidence to somewhere in the uncertain zone. James is now considering other options to lose weight. Subscribers to the main statement are notified of the proposed change. Many people choose to stop or not pursue the diet as they could not find a reason to doubt the new study and it outweighed the other information in the system. Later studies were added to the statement which reinforced the previous study and the confidence continued to fall until almost no-one used the diet.

In Another Universe

with, Paul found all of the studies listed in his articles and with He found disputing statements on why his studies were not very convincing and opposing studies that outweighed them. With the organized information that is easy to navigate he became comfortable with James going on the diet. He might do it too.

I would appreciate any feedback you have.