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First Dallas Blender User Group Meeting Recap

Last night we got together at Improving and talked about Blender. In case you are not aware yet, Blender is a free open source content creation suite. You use it to create video games, computer generate videos and images and more. Two weeks ago I created a meetup group to chat about Blender just to see if I could find anyone else out there. It quickly grew up to 26 people and 10 of us made it to the meetup last night. The excitement at finding others interested in this quirky free software was palpable. We started 30 minutes late because I didn’t realize the the doors locked after 7PM which is the time I set up to start. I had some videos from youtube that I just left looping while I shuttled people up the elevator. I started with a quick presentation on the history of blender that was pretty much a summary of the wikipedia article. The one unique thing that I mentioned was that on August 13,2002 my brother donated $60 to Free Blender. He told me about it later and that is when i got interested in it. We told how we heard about Blender and why we are interested. most people are in it for just a hobby. I’m hoping to turn my hobby into a business. One person uses Blender profesionally in his job. We discussed what we want to do in future meetups. Here are some of the ideas.

  • Watch Training videos
  • Showcase our work
  • Each work on an assignment and show our interpretation at the next meeting
  • Work together on a coloborative project
  • Find a speaker on Blender or Photography or Videography
  • Open discussions and questions

To join us for future meeting go to http://meetup.com/dalbug Here are some links to items I showed: Elephants Dream Big Buck Bunny Sintel Blender.org BlenderArtists.org BlenderArt.org GraphicAll.org Here are the videos I used from YouTube (I might update this list later so it may not be exactly the same as shown that night) I hope to see you at our next meetup!