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Dysfunctional Debate

“The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” was one of my inspirations for working on debates. It describes in story form how many teams are dysfunctional. One of the dysfunctions caught my eye. Patrick Lencioni labels it “Fear of Conflict”. Conflict( or debating) is often so traumatic that people choose not to fight.

“It’s the lack of conflict that’s a problem. Harmony itself is good, I suppose, if it comes as a result of working through issues constantly and cycling through conflict. But if it comes only as a result of people holding back their opinions and honest concerns, then it’s a bad thing. I’d trade in that false kind of harmony any day for a team’s willingness to argue effectively about an issue and then walk away with no collateral damage.”

I see both issues around me. I have mutual friends that do not talk at all because they have deep seated beliefs that explode with collateral damage whenever the topic is brought up. I encourage you to read this book. If you wish, you can purchase “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” through this link


Let me know your thoughts and other books around this topic in the comments below.