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A Mission to Improve Debate

“to organize, share, and demonstrate tools and practices that encourage debate to be more productive.”

mission statement defines a fundamental purpose. It succinctly describes why something is done and what it does to achieve its vision. In previous posts I discussed a problem I am trying to solve and my vision to be in a world where common debate results in accurate action. Now, how do I want to encourage the world to be? I say ‘encourage’ because we realize that it will never be perfect and that we should not force or manipulate the situation. Does the mission statement at the top of this post resonate with you? Is there anything I am missing? Is it too much? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

A Possible Vision Statement for Productive Debate

Vision3In my previous post about the problem with debate, I discussed the problem I am hoping to ease. A good vision statement could help us focus, encourage participation, and share what we have learned. A vision statement describes the future world we would like to live in. I’ll throw one out to start:

“a world where common debate results in accurate action”

I would like to hear other ideas for a vision and the reasons for and against those ideas. Please comment below.

The Problems with Debate

Fighting Kittens 4I am consistently frustrated when I hear people argue. It seems to me that people often share their opinions without considering the opposing viewpoints. They suggest courses of actions without thinking through the consequences. They judge other people without considering how those people got there and how they could be helped. When confronted with facts that suggest that their opinions might be wrong they don’t delve into those facts to understand them fully, instead they move to a fact that defends their opinion. There seems to be an unwillingness to look at and understand all the possible angles you can look at a problem. Often, people end up frustrated, paralyzed, and sabotage their own goals. Of course, these are my own un-investigated opinions. I want to explore why debate is so painful, causes division instead of unity, and results in paralysis instead of action. Is there anything we can do to encourage a lifestyle of debate that is a more positive experience with more beneficial results. Could an atmosphere of enthusiastically exploring all the angles of a topic make debate more productive? Let’s spend some time thinking this through and see what we can find.I created AllAngles.co as a place experiment, to tease out, and focus on ways reduce this problem. I need your help to look at this from all the angles.Do you feel that debate is productive today? Please share your opinions and the reasons behind them in the comments below.