The Standing Desk Experiment


Version 1

I am working on taking care of my body better. As a software developer (and nascent creative artist) I tend to sit a lot. One way to burn some calories is to stand while you work (or salsa in place if you like). To try it out I decided to make a standing desk in my home office. My first experiment was to just put a copy paper box under my laptop. That worked pretty well to just see if I was really going to do it. That didn’t last long because I eventually did get tired and has to sit down. It also didn’t have much extra room for things other than my laptop. I had to reach down to the desk. I apologize for the poor lighting in the photos. This is a quick, low budget experiment.


2011-06-09_14-50-13_114Version 2

Luckily I had a chair that could rise pretty high so I used a spare board of MDF and another copy paper box to make a desk the leaned over some so I could put my legs under it when I was sitting. I actually used this for some time and found myself standing most of the time. There were still some problems. When I was sitting my knees still hit the desk unless I sat way back. The monitor could not come any further as I had to mount the monitor arm on my window sill to get it high enough. I was also afraid that it would topple over at any time if I leaned on it too hard. As it turns out, untreated MDF can be itchy on the skin.

2011-06-09_14-56-46_940Standing Desk v3Version 3

I have solved the problems with version 3. I found an old but larger desktop. It was large enough that I could move the monitor arm mount from the window sill to the board which also added to stability. To add further stability I added two cement blocks. The cement also add a decidedly manly feel. I decided to leave the dirt from the yard on them for aesthetic purposes. There is now a significant overhang from the old desk so I can sit comfortable and ergonomically when I finally need to sit down.

Have you found ways to incorporate fitness into your life?