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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Bentley's 2023 Theme: Care

My theme for some portion of 2023 is CARE

Following the (semi) yearly theme idea I'm strting off 2023 with the theme of care. Taking care of my Mom will be a big part of my life as she moves in to my home so i can better take care of her in her time of need. I also want to take better care of myself and my partner. This will probably come at the expense of my Reasonpedia project although I also enjoy working on that project so part of my self care will be enjoying that. antoher area of care will be my business Refractive. Caring for the business and our customers. My life has been far less stressful since i semi-retired so my focus on stress reduction will be mostly how I interperet the world rather than actual external stress. Mental health is always an important focus area. There are also a lot of health action when you turn 50 so I'll focus on starting this next half century off right.

Best of luck to you in 2023!

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