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Monday, October 20, 2014

Dallas GiveCamp 2014 Kids-U

This was the second time I volunteered my time and skills to Dallas Give Camp. It was a great experience and was very rewarding.

This year I had the privilege to work with Kids U. Kids U provides high quality after school tutoring summer enrichment programs which positively impact the low-income student’s academic career…producing future productive and contributing citizens to our society.

What an amazing organization. They have a functioning WordPress website. Their challenge was how to track all they they are doing for the children so they can report back to their donors and government agencies. They had 9 spreadsheets spread over 6 sites that required re-keying the data into a usable form which used increased the organizations overhead. Our donation of technology will allow them to server more children and have a larger impact on society over the years to come.

Since most of the developers were familiar with .Net and this website was to be separate from their main website we decided to use MVC 5 and MS SQL server. Everleap had donated hosting for the life of the charity which included the website and the SQL server.

We made a site where they could put in their daily data and created excel documents that could generate the reports and format the data to meet the requirements of the government agencies.

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