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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Satisfaction manifesto

Life Satisfaction is more than just happiness. Happiness is subject to the current situation. Life Satisfaction is how satisfied you are with your life so far. Have you worked hard and played hard. It is long term happiness and a sense of accomplishment. I have always been a tool maker. I have been building processes and tools that make life easier for many people. After 20 years in Corporate America I thought about my accomplishments. I did make life easier for a small group of people but I was not satisfied. I decided I wanted to look at the root problems of what is limiting people from long term satisfaction. I would try and find a way to permanently accelerate how quickly someone can get and maintain satisfaction in their life.


Over several years I realize I can’t do it alone. I know of a lot of groups working on specific root issues but there isn’t yet a place for them to collaborate and gain momentum. There is not yet a group of people finding the root satisfaction blockers and rationally ranking the solutions.

I’m hoping we can build a community that works together to find root satisfaction blockers, solve them and release an accelerating satisfaction to the world.

Potential Core Satisfaction Limiters

Potential Solutions for Your Evaluation

What do you think?

Is this worth a try?

What other root problems can we work on?

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