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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Reason Score Live Demo Release

Today I released the (updated) Reason Score interactive demo. This is the latest in demos but really the first one getting to the ultimate vision. You can try it out at Here are the new features:

Simpler Math

Now you can easily see how each pro or con affects the score of the main debate. Each claim has a number between 0 and 100 with a pluz or minus sign. If you add them all up you get the score for the whole debate which is listed at the top. Previously you say a confidence scote that ranged from 0 to 200 so you did get a feel for how each one affects the total but it takes some training to understand how to read them. This new display should be more intuitive.

Cleaner Interface

Previously There were extra explinations and symbold for editing and adding claims. This was distracting. With the previous more complex number I felt you needed an explination up front. Now that it is more intuitive, the additional information can wait until you click on the claim to see more information about it. This also allow for more text to be visible on small devices and phones.

Settings and buttons Moved Out of the Way

In the past there were several buttons I used that were ate the top. Those were confusing to new users so they have been moved to below the main content. Most of them have also been turned off by default now. They allow you to save your work to files or save to the cloud and change settings.

Better Focus

The amount of information in a Reason Score can be daunting. You can feel overwhelmed when exploring the claims if they all stay visible and you open up each section. As you drilled down your screen filled up quick and required you to scroll a lot. Now at any time you just see the claim you are looking at, it's children and it's ancestors. It is a lot easier to see where you are at and to show a section to another person. In the future you will be able to link to a claim deep in the content.

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