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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Truth by Any Other Name

In the last week I have been receiving some great feedback on Truth Scale. I have also received some feedback that is hard to swallow. I have encountered it before. Many people have very strong feelings about the word “truth”. I can understand why. When you talk about truth it brings up arguments about absolute and personal truth. Some people are offended by the idea that truth can be anything but absolute so Truth Scale just feels wrong. Even when I explain which meaning of the word truth I am using by them the damage is done and the experiment is dismissed. I have the feeling that although other people do not mention it the implied absoluteness of the name causes hesitation. So it is with a sad heart that I realized that I need to stop using the Truth Scale name. I love the Logo but it also needs to go. :(

What is the new name?

I am reticent to choose a new name until I get more solid feedback so I think I am just going to call it my experiment for now.

I will host it at and point there.

How would you describe this experiment?

I trying out “A tool to build consensus by encouraging a deeper understanding of the reasons behind a belief.”


What do you honestly think about the name Truth Scale?

What would it take to really spend some time in the experiment?


I appreciate your participation.

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