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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Why I Quit My Job

I was making good money with good people in the oil and Gas industry. Before that I was working with good people in the Hospitality industry.

I am lucky to have worked in so many great jobs and with great people. As I start the second half of my career I want to make a larger impact. for 20 years in hotels I helped a team and their thousands customers get more done in less time. Since then I have helped large and small companies automate sharing data saving time and making new partnerships possible. Although these have helped thousands of people save time and increase quality in specific tasks I want more.

I want to help millions of people accomplish billions of tasks more accurately in less time. I want to make the world a better place and decrease world suck. I don’t anticipate I will be able to do this immediately but I needed to be able to explore and look for pains to solve. I told my boss that I would like more flexibility and I thought he best way would be to go freelance.

I will begin by finding my way around freelancing and continue supporting my family by optimizing the work of people and groups I meet. Through these interactions I expect to find a common problem that I can solve. If you would like to make time or increase efficiency then let me know.

My first experiment to solve a bigger problem is reducing the gridlock in government and bickering in our lives by providing a framework to find agreement on complex topics. You can learn more at

Have you every taken the leap into the unknown when it wasn’t necessary?

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